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3 September 2016

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Tablet or E-readers
Gone are the days when personal electronics consumers’ choices were really primitive. If you wanted to send e-mails, surf the Web or watch videos from anywhere, you needed a laptop computer or a smartphone. And on the other hand downloading and reading e-books was your thing you’d have to purchase a handheld e-reader like sony reader, amazon kindle. Times have thoroughly changed and you can now pack thousands of books into one little box, e-readers or tablets can both be saviours for book lovers who are looking for something to take on holiday or their commute.
What eBook readers can do?
Long battery life: One huge advantages of e-readers is that the battery life of an e-reader is long lasting or can even double. For instance, if you use a Kindle Paper white e-reader to either Buy E Books Online Indiaor Rent Books Online in India, for half an hour a day, turn the Wi-Fi off and set the light at 10, it can last for 6 weeks.
Easy on the eye: It is not at all tiring on the eyes than reading on an LCD. Using an e-reader is much like reading a paperback book through any Online Books Stores In India.
Light Weight: E-readers are all very light weighed. The difference that the weight makes is a large factor in comfort and convenience.
Security: E-reader models usually have the control feature which enableyou to restrict the content make an Online Book Purchase In India.
Therefore, when it comes to reading you certainly cannot beat an e-reader!
What tablet readers can do?
Fast responsiveness: You can easily turn pages in a tablet device while reading your favourite book
Web surfing: With a tablet device you can definitely surf the net while making an Online Book Purchase In Indiawithout any disturbances with the help of various featured browsers.
Audio:If you want to listen to music or audiobooks, from an Online Books Store anywhere In India, a tablet is a better investment.
Large screen: Tablets give you a wide range of choices, if you need a larger screen. This helps reducing the load on your eyes while reading and in turn also provides better clarity of view of online books.
Regardless of the differences, both Tablet and E-reader are useful to its users and one can buy one of their choice based on the very need of it.
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